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Great coaching is all about supporting another person in the accomplishment of their goals and the development of greater capabilities and confidence in whatever roles and responsibilities they currently have as well as future roles and responsibilities. Greg deeply believes that many human beings do not fully develop their full potential and that effective coaching can be a catalyst to support a persons commitment to create more capability, confidence and courage to be more effective, fulfilled and exceptional in all facets of their lives. Gregs approach to coaching is a straightforward one and incorporates an introductory meeting, special assessments, the creation of a leadership development plant and the resulting coaching engagement.

  • “Break-the-ice” and create an initial foundation of mutual trust, respect, authenticity, and vulnerability as well as discuss the coaching process and any expectations.

  • Ensure a relaxed and informal atmosphere with the client where Greg can gain a deep appreciation of the client’s professional and personal history in order to fully understand the career and development choices the client has made in their journey.

  • Initiate a set of personality and behavioral assessments that allow Greg and the coached individual to fully understand and appreciate the strengths and opportunities for growth of the coached individual

  • Help the coached individual in creating a clear set of aspirations that define a compelling vision for where the individual desires for their life and how coaching can support the accomplishment of that vision

  • Generate a Leadership Development Plan that will provide clarity, focus, and accountability regarding the areas of improvement and development the coaching engagement will address and impact. This Plan will serve as a compass throughout the coaching engagement, keeping the coach and the coached leader aligned and engaged towards shared outcomes and objectives.

  • Engage the coached individual monthly with structured and adaptive coaching sessions that include the creation of an individual development plan that best leverages the person’s strengths and helps map out a plan to address areas of growth opportunity

  • Sustain a rhythm of open feedback and communication that ensures that the relationship and coaching process is sound and supporting the individual in realizing more of their potential and achieving greater success in their lives.

If you would like to know more about Greg's coaching, please contact him using the form below. 

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