It's easy to take life for granted. In the pursuit of fame, fortune, or success, we forget to take care of ourselves, missing out on things that bring us joy, happiness, and well-being. It's time to transform burnout into happiness and invest in ourselves, so we can be the best for those who need us most.

In You Can't Give What You Don't Have, executive coach and leadership educator Greg Hiebert walks you through seven fundamental habits to becoming personally and professionally fulfilled. Drawing on cutting-edge research and real-life examples, he demonstrates how to embrace purpose, cultivate positivity, deepen relationships, express gratitude, visualize hope, be mindful, and keep moving. He also offers techniques to integrate these habits into any challenging, busy life.

Well-being and resilience aren't products of luck. Through disciplined practice of these seven habits, you can create a remarkable, fulfilling life--and transform into your very best self.


"This book is a must read for anyone serious about making their life the very best in the service to others. Greg Hiebert is the quintessential Servant Leader. As a physician and community leader, Greg's practical and inspiring approach has changed my perspective: he has empowered me and my colleagues to realize that self-replenishment and mindfulness is essential in order to continue to give one's best and in order to live life to the fullest. Get this book. It will change your life!"


-Dr. Avril Beckford, Chief Pediatric Officer and Board Member, WellStar Health System, Atlanta, Georgia


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