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Clarity of purpose and alignment to that clarity are at the heart of effective leadership and organizations. As the Cheshire Cat responded to Alice in the wonderful, “Alice in Wonderland” when Alice had no idea where she was going, “Then any which way will get you there.” Nothing is more important than helping an organization and its leaders get deep and compelling clarity of purpose and direction and answering the big “Why” do we actually exist.


Strategic Development is an offering that supports clients in their efforts to create and communicate clear and compelling future states for their Teams and organizations.


This includes working collaboratively with client leaders and their teams to:

  • Create vision, mission and value statements that can inspire, motivate, unite and align Teams and organizations towards common purpose and outcomes.

  • Develop clear and actionable strategic plans and initiatives that will best support the accomplishment of the vision, mission, and values defined initially.


Through an iterative process, Greg works with the client to first define what a successful Strategic Development process looks like. From that set of aspirations, we co-partner to develop a timeline of key milestones and outcomes that the process should entail. This will include a plan for key stakeholders to be involved and mobilized so that the strategic development concludes with a core Strategic Plan for the organization that has strong organizational support and can be successfully communicated to the organization to inspire, excite and focus employee Team Members with a clear sense of purpose and direction.


This service is the most fluid of all of the solutions as Greg works to partner closely with clients and build development processes and structures that are consistent with the client’s cultures, aspirations, context and planning calendars. Every client is different and makes decisions and develops plans in very unique ways. It is important to make sure strategic development efforts reflect this uniqueness and Greg’s 17 years of helping clients create compelling and aligned strategic plans that include well-articulated visions, mission and value statements will ensure that.

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