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Rise Up

Shelter at home they say

To keep the spread at bay

Burrowing deeply in our nest

Struggling to stay at our very best

Reacting to news to find

Some note of hope to shine

Signs that the crisis will soon be over

A bit of luck-even a four leaf clover

As we settle into this way of life

Sometimes the anxiety cuts like a knife

We hope and pray that we will recover

Yet, too many signs of rescue to discover

So what is the way that makes most sense

During this crazy time of struggle so dense

To adapt and respond instead of react

To set our sails and take another tack

One way is to see that this could be it

That shining moment of rising out of our pit

To see this time and opportunity to renew

To gain more strength and courage too

To deepen our bonds, our ties to each other

To expand our compassion as we strive to recover

Find richer meaning to make use of this fray

To strengthen our grit and overcome what we may

So rise up and choose now as your best

To make this time of challenge and ignore all the rest

Choose love, have hope and be grateful too

For life is a gift, worth having, something important to do

So rise up and share the gift where you can

Serve and support them; help them have a plan

When we look back at this time of despair

Know your efforts were for the world’s repair

That you gave all you could to serve humankind

With your gifts and talents, your heart and your mind

You stood as an anchor yet adapted to the threat

And emerged the victor and overcame all that you met.


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