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The 6Ps: Priorities

This piece is the sixth post in a series on the “The 6Ps for Profound and Positive Living". You can find all writings on the subject by searching 6Ps in the search bar.

The 3rd P of my 6P framework is “Priorities.” These are the most important things that I want to get accomplished in my day and should answer the question: "Given my purpose and principles, what are the most important things I must accomplish to maximize this day and move me closer to my goals?".

I have found that a really good litmus test of what my daily priorities are, is to review them at the end of the day and see if and how I was able to ensure my priorities were met. If my priorities were on point, I would tell my self, 'today was a really great day, because I was able to get the things that really mattered done or progressively moved forward.' I would ensure that my priorities were aligned with my purpose and helped me live my key principles.

Perhaps my biggest struggle these days in following my priorities is time management and I certainly see this in my client’s lives as well. Too many of us have a priority list that is endless. There is much wisdom in the statement, “when everything is a priority, nothing is a priority.”

When I reflect on my 3rd P, it is an opportunity for me to get crystal clear on what is most important. But it is also an opportunity for me to have the courage and discipline to be clear on what are not priorities and to make sure I am using my time as wisely and thoughtfully as possible. My 3rd P also allows me to have clarity about what key commitments and deliverables are due that day.

A key quote that inspires me is “Follow through on what you say you’re going to do. Your credibility is built from the history of your words and actions.” This 3rd P of priorities is where I get to reflect on the promises that I have made but have yet to fulfill and to use my day as wisely as possible to make sure I am delivering on my promises and commitments to myself and others. As I am by nature highly spontaneous and often move from a state of organization to disorganization, I think this 3rd P is my most challenging but also potentially, when I truly honor it, life-giving.

When I can be intentional and disciplined in achieving my purpose, living my principles and delivering against my priorities, I find I am often at my very best-aligned, committed, and inspired.


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